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Welcome to Prewett Creek Inn. Montana fly fishing. Our site is the center of angling activity on Montana’s world-famous Missouri River. Located near Cascade, Montana, our facility is at the center of fly fishing in America ! We are known for friendly hospitality. We treat each visitor as a family member. From guides and gear to information and lodging we are your best choice. We welcome first time guests to our returning customers. The fish are biting! We offer Montana fly fishing reports.  See you soon.


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Our location offers premier birding along the Upper Missouri River. Your experience will be unforgettable.
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Fly Fishing Montana in Winter

‘Tis the season for fly fishing Montana in Winter! Even though we at Prewett Creek Inn are getting ready for Spring 2016 season, we wanted to provide our friends with winter fly fishing tips that would be useful on the Missouri River in Montana and elsewhere. Remember, we are here for you. Trout will bite even on snowy days. You just need to know what to throw.  So, just call us:  406.468.9244 From our friends at ORVIS. Written by Phil Monahan: “1. Pick the right place. Best winter rivers are Colorado tailwaters like the South Platte, Yampa, Frying Pan, or Gunnison; Montana tailwaters like the Bighorn and Madison; Wyoming rivers like the Snake River in Jackson; Idaho tailwaters like the South Fork and Henry’s Fork of the Snake; the Provo and Green in Utah, Great Lakes tributaries, and the upper Sacramento in California. As you can see, a fishing trip can often be combined with a ski trip. 2. Slow and deep is best. Use a strike indicator and weighted fly, or weight on the leader and the high-stick method, which keeps most of your fly line off the water. Dead drift is critical in winter because trout won’t chase a fly in cold water. 3. Swing with a sinking-tip line. Although dead-drift nymphing is best, if you prefer to swing a fly for trout or steelhead, use a sinking tip line with a very strong mend at the beginning of the cast so your fly swings slow and deep. 4. Look for rises. Occasionally trout will rise during the winter, almost always to small midges or olive mayflies.... read more

Why Fly Fishing in Montana? Check out Prewett Creek Inn

  When you stay at our inn we have the best Montana fly fishing guides who offer unparalleled trips on North America’s Missouri River – the Mighty Mo! So, why fly fishing in Montana?  Well, it starts with great waters to fly fish.  Also, here are just several tips on fly selection, approach and landing fish that can make the difference between an average day and a great one! Size Matters. When choosing flies, the order of importance should be: size, shape, color and action. Our guides will help pick the right fly; wet or dry; color – we think seasonal. Prospecting fish. When stalking trout, we recommend the approach is from behind; stay low if approaching from the side or front. Our guides will position the boat to get you in the best position. Feeding Lanes. Trout food will normally collect along “seams” or variations in the current. We help you look for rising fish to hold in or next to these seams where shower water meets faster water. Finally, We offer a variety of angling experiences that include day trips, lodging packages and bird watching adventures. Our dedicated staff is very experienced. Remember, the “season” never ends. Cold weather doesn’t mean an end to trout fishing. It means smaller bugs and fewer hatches. Warm afternoons in the Fall can produce great midge and baetis hatches, and nymphs that match these bugs can be very effective with little to no fish are rising. We are happy to design the perfect fishing vacation that maximizes your valuable time away from home! Call us now! Five great affordable lodging or camping options –... read more

Fish in Montana?

Fish in Montana.  Why not?  Here is a guide from the Montana’s Official State Website. This Montana Field Guide is intended to assist in identification and field work.  The guide provides number of observations and a general description. Habitat information is also provided. Here is the general description of the Brown Trout – Salmo trutta “The brown trout belongs to a different genus than our native trout species. They evolved in Europe and western Asia and were introduced to North America in 1883 and to Montana in 1889 in the Madison River. Today brown trout are found throughout most of Montana except the northwest and parts of the east. Generally, they prefer lower gradient, larger streams than cutthroat and rainbow, and they also do well in many reservoirs. Brown trout were widely stocked in the first half of this century, but today most come from natural reproduction. Brown trout are great competitors and generally are more tolerant of dewatering and other environmental disturbances than our other trout species. The state record is 29 pounds, and large fish are not at all uncommon, although 12-20 inches is the usual size range of adults. Brown trout spawn in gravel redds like our native trout but their spawning season is in the fall. This gives them a distinct advantage in some habitats since their spawning and incubation period lies outside the irrigation season. Brown trout are more predaceous than rainbow or cutthroat. Large fish often feed at night on other fish as well as crayfish and other invertebrates.” We at Prewett Creek Inn can provide all the information about fish, tackle  and... read more

Montana Fly Fishing!  The Montana Wild crew was thirsty for some fly fishing. Black bear season was over but spring run-off most certainly was not, leaving few options for clear waters. This film is about a fly-flinging good time chasing some bucknasty brown trout who like to eat mice almost as much as mayflies.  Missouri river fly fishing is great!