When you stay at our inn we have the best Montana fly fishing guides who offer unparalleled trips on North America’s Missouri River – the Mighty Mo!

So, why fly fishing in Montana?  Well, it starts with great waters to fly fish.  Also, here are just several tips on fly selection, approach and landing fish that can make the difference between an average day and a great one!

  1. Size Matters. When choosing flies, the order of importance should be: size, shape, color and action. Our guides will help pick the right fly; wet or dry; color – we think seasonal.
  1. Prospecting fish. When stalking trout, we recommend the approach is from behind; stay low if approaching from the side or front. Our guides will position the boat to get you in the best position.
  1. Feeding Lanes. Trout food will normally collect along “seams” or variations in the current. We help you look for rising fish to hold in or next to these seams where shower water meets faster water.

Finally, We offer a variety of angling experiences that include day trips, lodging packages and bird watching adventures.


Why fly fish in Montana? One reason is the great wildlife you will likely see.

Our dedicated staff is very experienced.

Remember, the “season” never ends. Cold weather doesn’t mean an end to trout fishing. It means smaller bugs and fewer hatches. Warm afternoons in the Fall can produce great midge and baetis hatches, and nymphs that match these bugs can be very effective with little to no fish are rising.

We are happy to design the perfect fishing vacation that maximizes your valuable time away from home! Call us now!

Five great affordable lodging or camping options – one that’s perfect for your next fly fishing, birding, or river float adventure with family and friends.